Friday, November 11, 2011

My First DIY Project. Finishing product coming soon :)

After being inspired for so long on how to make other people’s trash my treasure, I decided to just go for it and invested in what I think is a beautiful corner table. I found this hidden gem at a local refurbishment store near my job for only $18 bucks--- AMAZING! And to think I was going to spend $76 dollars for one I saw at Target; how sad. Thank God I was unable to purchase it for better words, if you get what I mean--- broke lol.

Anyway, below I will post the picture of my new treasure and next to it the inspirational colors I plan to paint it. So after doing my homework, I will be distressing my corner table after painting it. Yes! I have done my homework so please cross your fingers as well and wish me the best... can't wait!!! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

First day on my new venture--- Heyyy :)


           Hey ya'll! So after dwelling for soooo long to begin my blog, I have finally decided to just go for it and write whatever is on my mind. I guess that's all I really mean to do. Express all the crazy, amazing ideas that come across this mind of mine. So to begin, my name is Rosamna. Mina is short thanks to my good friend Del (who plans to sue me for using our nickname LOL.. j/k) I'm one of the busiest bees there is. Full-time mommy to a beautiful girl, my Emi, as well as wifey, employee and student. My life is full of fun, fun, fun!!! Ok. Not always. But who’s complaining ;)

            My blog is meant to express all my thoughts as well as creative decorative ideas for the home which I'm very passionate about and the latest topics I come across that may relate to others. So I hope you enjoy.

Welcome :)